Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy is here as a lighthouse to the working families of Key West and the Lower Florida Keys. Child care is obviously an important choice. Our biggest desire is that the child development that’s available here from infant to Pre-K, is a true educational experience.

American Sign Language

The teachers of LCA have fully integrated sign language into our curriculum. There have been many studies done by many research groups that link sign language used by hearing children to:

  • Earlier development of spoken language skills.
  • Reduced frustration in the child because of an ability to communicate with sign language gestures before being physically able to speak.
  • An advanced understanding of the mechanics of the English language due to the way the brain links physical gestures and conceptual thoughts.

American Sign Language is often counted as a qualification of being bi-lingual so these skills may play a part in your child's life for many years to come!

Sign language skills are one more tool we use to stimulate your child's development so they will be ready for Kindergarten.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a Non-Profit corporation in Key West, Florida.