Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy is here as a lighthouse to the working families of Key West and the Lower Florida Keys. Child care is obviously an important choice. Our biggest desire is that the child development that’s available here from infant to Pre-K, is a true educational experience.

Pre-Kindergarten  Program

Let us help your child be ready for success with our Pre-Kindergarten Program. At Lighthouse Christian Academy, we help your child be prepared for Kindergarten by teaching the whole child. This starts at the earliest age... building one skill upon another. All our classes (infant to pre-kindergarten) are creating an environment to develop these skills. This includes all age groups in each classroom. 

The four year olds that are a part of the LCA Pre-K Class follow the State of Florida 4-year old standards, which includes the following areas:

  1. Physcial Health
  2. Approaches to Learning
  3. Social and Emotional Development
  4. Language, Communication and Emergent Literacy
  5. Cognitive Development and General Knowledge


Lighthouse Christian Academy Pre-Kindergarten Program teaches your child to:

  • Construct their own knowledge.
  • Develop their own understanding of the world around them.
  • Learn that making mistakes is a part of the learning process.
  • Learn Godly principles to live by such as honesty, truth, integrity and good self esteem.

Children need to be made to feel good about who they are and that learning can be fun. Developing a love for learning and knowledge is an important life-long tool for every child. When your child enters Kindergarten with, confidence they will share their knowledge and speak more comfortably. Lighthouse Christian Academy's Pre-Kindergarten Program teaches the alphabet, pre-math skills, science/discovery, language/storytelling and pre-reading skills, creative expression, pre-writing, dramatic play, nutrition, fine and gross motor skills.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a Non-Profit corporation in Key West, Florida.