Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy is here as a lighthouse to the working families of Key West and the Lower Florida Keys. Child care is obviously an important choice. Our biggest desire is that the child development that’s available here from infant to Pre-K, is a true educational experience.

All About Lighthouse Christian Academy

What is Our Standard?

Everything we do is with excellence; as it should be in every preschool. We require of ourselves standards which far surpass even those required by the State because your child's well being, safety and education are our main goal.

What Are Our Qualifications?

When we began, Lighthouse Christian Academy's leaders chose to voluntarily become state certified (License # C16MO0014). We have several FCCP (formerly called CDA's) on staff and stand ready to answer any further questions you may have about our certifications, awards, etc.

Who Do We Enroll?

We enroll children from toddler to Pre-Kindergarten age. This means that from the time your child is 1 year old until the time he or she is ready for kindergarten, they will be with the same people in a consistent preschool environment. It is important during the early years to provide a stable environment. At Lighthouse you will not have to wait until the child is three or take your child somewhere else after a year or two because they have become "too old." The children are trained, nurtured and prepared for elementary school right here on our campus.

Don't be surprised to see a tear or two from the teachers as the children move up to Kindergarten... they really become attached to the kids and love them very much so it's hard to see them leave, but they know that your child is leaving with the best head start possible.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a Non-Profit corporation in Key West, Florida.