Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy is here as a lighthouse to the working families of Key West and the Lower Florida Keys. Child care is obviously an important choice. Our biggest desire is that the child development that’s available here from infant to Pre-K, is a true educational experience.

LCA Ocean Discovery

This is another aspect of the learning environment at Lighthouse Christian Academy.  Since we live on an island and have access to the magnificent ocean life, it is only logical to include it in what is taught at the Academy. Our teachers are taking what we know about the ocean and incorporating it into the other areas of the classroom. For example, our Dramatic Play area has sea creature puppets. The Dress Up section has swimming masks and flippers. Creative Art is being done with sand, seashells, foam sea creatures, etc.  Our classroom libraries have books with ocean pictures and stories.  Each month we teach a different topic.

This month our ocean adventures take us to discover:
Sea Turtles

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a Non-Profit corporation in Key West, Florida.